Songify FAQ

Why does it keep saying "Recording too short" even when I record really long songs?
Something probably went wrong with your audio stream during launch. Just close the app and re-launch it, and the error should go away. In order to fully close the app, you must go to your Home screen, and then double-click the Home button again. This will show Songify (and your other open apps) at the bottom. Hold down Songify until it starts shaking and shows the red dash. Press the red dash to close the app.
Why won't it save my songs / playback my saved songs? All my saved songs are 0 seconds long!
This is an iPhone 3G bug :( We've submitted an update to Apple are waiting for it to be approved. Please keep an eye out for the update!
How do I upload my song to the Winning! page where everyone can see and rate it?
When you share your song using your Facebook or Twitter account, it automatically gets added to the Winning! page.
How do I remove my song from the Winning! page? I only wanted to share my songs with my friends.
Go to your MySongs screen, and select the song you want to remove from Winning! Press the "Delete" button, and select the option that says "Delete from Winning". This will remove the song from the Winning! page only.
Why does it keep chopping up my words in weird places?
Songify uses speech detection technology to figure out how best to segment and repeat phrases that you speak, to mimic the structure of a real song. It has been designed to work on all languages, so it can sometimes make decisions that seem silly. If you don't like the way it's segmented your speech, just hit "Re-songify", and it'll try again!
It's not working on my iPod Touch. Help!
Songify works with 2nd generation and later iPod Touch models, but you have to plug in a mic. Try the earbuds with built-in mic. If you're still having issues, please contact us at help [AT] khu [DOT] sh.
Why is there no sound?
This probably means that the audio engine didn't initialize properly. Click your device's "home" button and relaunch Songify.
Why is my voice so soft in the recording?
While recording, make sure you are singing into the mic. If you hold the device too far away from your mouth, or talk very softly, your voice may sound too low in the recording.